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Monday 05 November 2012

Directory Submissions

This article will give you an overview of what an online directory is and why it is important you consider them when working on your search engine optimisation plan.

Online directories are like the index of a book, but for the internet. They contain structured lists of websites sorted by the subject of the website. All of the entries in the directories are links that link directly to the websites they describe. Each entry also usually includes a summary of the website, supplied by owner of the website.

So why are directories so important? Well they are not often visited by people, other than to make submissions. They are however visited by the search engines who see your directory entry as a one way link to your website. This gives your website more credibility in the eyes of the search engines and thus your website can appear higher in the search results. The more directories your website is listed on the better.

There are both free and paid directories on the internet, so adding your website to directories need not cost anything but your time. Adding your website to online directories is done simply by completing an online form for each directory. The information they usually ask for is the category your website should be listed in, a title for your website, a description of your website and finally your e-mail address.

The title and description of your website can generally be the same across all the directories. It is important to spend time writing a good description of your website that includes any keywords you would like associated with your website. Keep in mind though that the description still has to be readable by humans, not just search engines.

Once you have submitted your website to the directories it will take time before your entry is approved and appears online. With this mind, your directory submissions should be quite high on your list of priorities.

Online directories are an essential tool in driving traffic to your website. It does not have to cost anything to get your website listed, other than your time. The key is submitting to lots of directories and ensuring the description of your website is consistent across them all.


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