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How does free online advertising work?
"At the beginning of 2010 26% of the world's population had access to the internet (1.8 billion internet connections worldwide). This figure has only increased and will continue to increase. Free Online Advertising is about reaching out to those people with your marketing message."

Free Online Advertising is a free reciprocal advertising network. In brief this means that you place an advert panel on your website (like the one show on this page) and displaying that advert panel earns you credits. Those credits are then used in return to show your adverts on other websites across the web.

What are credits?

Credits are the currency of the advertising network, but they can't be bought. Why do we use credits? Because it evens the playing field for all advertisers on the network, regardless of their bank balance. A small business or individual could have a more sucessful advertising campaign than a large business with a large budget at it's disposal.

Earning credits

Credits are earned by displaying an advertising panel on your website, like the one shown here. For every advert displayed you earn one credit. So for example the advertising panel on this page contains two adverts and thus two credits are earned every time someone visits this page.

Advertising panels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You don't have to display an advertising panel on every page of your website, but the more popular the page the more credits you will earn. For example, some websites will display an advertising panel on just their contact page and not there home page. However a website displaying an advertising panel on their home page as well as their contact page will earn more credits to spend on advertising.

You can boost your credits by using a credit voucher (credit vouchers cannot be bought). Credit vouchers are available from a variety of sources including; our facebook fan page, referral e-mails sent by existing members of the network and carefully selected partners.

Spending credits

Once you're earning credits it's time to start spending them. You can spend the credits you're earning in a variety of ways including;

  • Text adverts
  • Small image adverts
  • Full image adverts
  • An entry into our web directory

All of these appear in advert panels, placed on other websites, who are also members of the Free-Online-Advertising network. All references below to cost are in the context of credits.

Text adverts are very straight forward and include a heading, advert text and a link to your web address. They're a great entry into the world of online advertising and can be really effective.

Small image adverts take up the same amount of space as text adverts and cost more than text adverts but can be very eye catching. The images link to your chosen web address when clicked.

Full image adverts take up an entire advertising panel, can be very eye catching but do cost considerably more than text adverts.

A coverted entry into our online web directory costs considerably more than text adverts and is a one-off credit payment for a submission. This is aimed at long term advertisiers on the network whos websites have been online for a while. As with all of the other services on Free Online Advertising, an entry cannot be bought.


Join the Free Online Advertising network where you can promote your website absolutely free. This isn't a 'free trial' and there's no paid 'premium' services. The advertising network is completely free for you to use. You can advertise as many websites as you like and create as many adverts as you like.

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