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Free online advertising referrals scheme

Before reading this section you should make sure you understand how Free-Online-Advertising works.

As you're aware, Free-Online-Advertising is about earning credits and spending credits. The more credits you earn the more you have to spend on free advertising. Wouldn't it be great then if you could earn more credits then? Well there's a way you can.

The Free-Online-Advertising referrals scheme is great way to boost your credits and just like the rest of the website, it's completely free.

Simply refer a friend to Free-Online-Advertising and if they join you'll earn a credit for every credit they earn. So if they display an advertising panel on their website that earns them 10 credits per hour, 10 credits will also be added to your account every hour.

It's really easy to refer a friend. Once you've created your account and are logged in you'll see the option in the menu. We adopt the same attitude to privacy with their e-mail address as we do with yours. We won't bombard them with e-mails and we wont sell/pass their e-mail address onto anyone else. We'll send them one e-mail per month and in every e-mail we send them they'll have the option to unsubscribe.


Join the Free Online Advertising network where you can promote your website absolutely free. This isn't a 'free trial' and there's no paid 'premium' services. The advertising network is completely free for you to use. You can advertise as many websites as you like and create as many adverts as you like.

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